Literacy NOW

It is said that the children are our future. This a true and profound statement. It is a proven fact that if a child is well read their chance of future success is increased significantly. However, more youth are not exposed to the learning they need to be proficient readers by the third grade. The number of prisons that are built is based upon the data of the number of third graders that are reading at grade level or higher. In our county 13% of the youth are reading below level. It is also proven that one of the major factors that keep families in poverty is insufficient reading and math skills.

We are working to improve these statistics by providing programs that put books in the hands of youth, that encourage parents to read with and to their children, that children who speak English as a second language be exposed to Pre-K fundamentals in both English and Spanish. Our push is to have youth read, read, and read some more.

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