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Ceek to fulfill is a non-profit youth empowerment agency that services young adults ages 16-24 who face barriers to education, employment and progression in life.


Ceek To Fulfill began in 1994 and was formally approved as a 501(C)3 in 2007. It was formulated out of passion for empowering youth to develop to their full potential even when life presented obstacles and pain in their lives.


To create an environment where youth and young adults can complete and further their education or be equipped with job readiness employment skills that will lead to gainful employment and financial independence.


We are dedicated to the stability, empowerment, personal growth and development of the young people in our community.

Thank You

CEEK TO FULFILL would like to thank the Individuals, Churches, Businesses, Agencies, and Foundations for your generosity in support of our organization. Your donations are key in providing us the opportunity to continue to have a life changing effect on their futures.

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